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Energetic music and fun activities build excitement about learning to read. Letter Sounds covers the most common sound that each letter makes. The completely new Letter Sounds DVD with its "on-screen mouth" shows how to form each sound and features exciting animation. Lovable characters on the DVD help engage kids. Letter Sounds CD comes with a full-color illustrated book. By the end of either program, students are combining letters to read words and even simple sentences.

Ages 4–7.

Approx. 62 minutes.

Learning to read is more fun than ever with this new version of Letter Sounds, Rock 'N Learn's best-selling DVD video. Engaging characters and new material help kids learn the skills to become competent readers. After a quick review of upper and lowercase letters, young learners practice the most common sound each letter makes. An on-screen mouth shows how to form the sounds.

Excitement builds as kids race the clock to say letter sounds in silly sentences before hearing the answers. Then, learners play several games along with the video to solidify their understanding of letter-sound associations that will help them read and spell. Finally, after learning some common sight words, kids feel successful reading complete sentences and short stories.

For over a decade, Letter Sounds DVD video has been one of Rock 'N Learn's most successful programs for helping kids learn to read. It's been used in classrooms all over the world and by millions of kids at home. We love getting testimonials on how our Letter Sounds video has changed lives by helping kids become competent readers and spellers. During this time, we've also received suggestions on how we could make Letter Sounds even better. Plus, we recently hired university professors, graduate students, and reading specialists in classrooms to offer their suggestions on how we could improve this reading video by incorporating the latest research on what helps students learn literacy skills.

With this latest version of our Letter Sounds DVD video, you'll find totally new animation, fun characters, an improved soundtrack, and additional content for phonemic awareness. In focus groups where we tested our new content, kids loved watching regardless of whether they were very young (actually below the intended age) or older and had already developed some reading skills. This was not surprising because the material includes content that allows differentiated instruction to meet individual needs at different levels. In other words, students can participate and have fun even if they are at different stages in learning to read and spell. The multisensory approach of Letter Sounds engages kids, and the variety of activities help students regardless of their preferred learning styles.

Teachers and parents often ask us, "For what age do you recommend Rock 'N Learn Letter Sounds?" The answer is any age after 2 or 3, depending on the maturity level of the child. We have heard of teachers and parents using Letter Sounds DVD video for teaching phonics to preschoolers with remarkable results. According to the success stories we receive, some children around the age of four have actually learned to read with Letter Sounds. The Letter Sounds video has been used for preschool alphabet activities, teaching basic phonics rules, teaching phonics to preschoolers, and phonological awareness activities for preschool children.

We also hear success stories about older students in secondary grades who have used Rock 'N Learn Letter Sounds in a remedial way to boost reading and spelling skills. Phonics instruction is effective for learning important rules about the structure of words.

Students with learning disabilities in written expression have benefited from beginning phonics instruction through our Letter Sounds programs. We have also heard how students in adult basic education classes are learning to read with Letter Sounds in either audio CD or video format.

Rock 'N Learn Letter Sounds has helped individuals of all ages learn to speak English. Letter Sounds is often recommended by teachers who specialize in teaching English Language Learners (ESL). Plus, the "on-screen mouth" in Letter Sounds DVD has been a huge hit with speech therapists. Our development team included professionals in speech and language to make certain that each common sound of the alphabet was correctly presented. This DVD is effective with kids with autism as it is a fun, engaging, and interactive way to learn.

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