Preventing Autism & ADHD by Dr. Debby Hamilton

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Autism and ADHD rates are skyrocketing. How can a woman protect the health of her future child? This book has the answers. From reviewing hundreds of published research studies and years of treating children with autism and ADHD, Dr. Debby Hamilton developed this comprehensive prevention plan. This book helps women reduce their risk factors in the areas of nutrition, digestion, immune function, inflammation, hormones and detoxification. By improving their health starting before pregnancy, women have the best chance of having a strong, healthy child. Dr. Debby Hamilton is a board certified pediatrician and the founder of Holistic Pediatric Consulting in Boulder, CO. She also has a Masters of Science degree in Public Health (MSPH) and is board certified in physician nutrition and integrative/holistic medicine. Her practice focuses on treatment of children with autism and ADHD.

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