Weighted Gel Lap Pad

SKU: SI-SKCA-914505

Weight: Red - 3 lb
Sale price$26.99


Weighted products provide proprioceptive input that helps establish increased body awareness, improves attention span and concentration, and has calming benefits. Lap pads can be an easy way to help children sit through school, church, or any other activity that requires sitting for a period of time. It also provides deep pressure for a secure, grounded feeling. These lap pads are filled with gel and colorful stars adding extra sensory input. Not only do children benefit from the weight of the lap pad but also have a fidget that helps keep their hands busy. Many children with autism and sensory processing disorder can benefit from weighted products, such as lap pads. The lap pads are vinyl-covered and wipe clean.

  • Red - 7" x 16" - 3 lb
  • Green - 10" x 18" - 5 lb
  • Blue - 10" x 22" - 7 lb

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