Sensory Friendly Face Mask (Pediatric)


Sale price$10.49


Color me HAPPY! Now you can get a sensory friendly face masks for children that they can decorate themselves! 

These sensory friendly face masks are made with a very soft cotton sateen material and comes with 4 non-woven fabric filters.  The masks are easy to put on and take off in seconds while the ear ties are soft as a cloud and can easily be tied to ensure a perfect fit. The nose piece is durable , sewn on top of the sateen fabric for comfort and can  be molded to fit how you need. 

Dont forget to purchase a set of fabric markers so the kiddos can decorate their masks just how they want them. Need to make mask wearing fun and sensory friendly for your children on the Spectrum or with Sensory Processing Disorder? Well you have come to the right place!

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