Senseez Vinyl Vibrating Pillow Cushion


Shape: Blue Square
Sale price$35.99


Vibrating pillows are perfect for children who have difficulty sitting in one place, finishing a task, and get distracted easily. It is a great tool for children with tactile sensitivities, for processing sensations, and concentration. The vibration provides a sensory input for children with autism and sensory processing disorder. The vibrating pillow is perfect for home, school, restaurants, church, dentist appointments, haircuts, and any other situation where a child might feel anxiety and crave calming input.

In a recent clinical trial of Senseez Pillows with 23 families involved:

  • 70% had an increase in their child’s attention span
  • 67% found Senseez helped to soothe and calm their children
  • 72% said Senseez helped in their daily living activities and tasks
  • 86% said they would recommend Senseez Pillows to other families

 Data collected by the National Lekotek Center, from August 2014- December 2014. Participants included children in between 4 and 10 years of age, of typical development and special needs.

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