Princess Potty Time by Sue DiCicco

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Potty training can be an exciting and funny experience for children. Capture their natural interest and curiosity by using direct language to explain what's going on and answer their questions in as much detail as possible. Remember that what seems mundane and everyday to you is a new and fascinating experience for a toddler.

Follow Princess Polly as she begins to use the potty for the first time. Clear, practical text and engaging illustrations help to counter many of the anxieties both children and parents may feel along the way. Pressing the 'cheer' sound button as you read each page is both a fun way to engage with the story and to motivate your child. This book can be insightful and helpful for parents with kids with autism who are learning to use the toilet.


  • Encourage your child at every stage with lots of praise and humour 
  • Take your time and try not to hurry things 
  • Teach good bathroom habits such as wiping bottoms and washing hands 
  • Remember that accidents will happen along the way
  • Be patient and remember that they are nothing to worry about


  • Begin potty training too soon
  • This is likely to prolong the process and make it more stressful for both you and your child 
  • Force your child to sit on the potty 
  • Show any disgust for your child's wee or poo - instead consider anything in the potty an achievement to be proud of! 
  • Scold or punish your child

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