Mini Spinny


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This toy is great for people on the spectrum because they are quiet, entertaining and colorful!  For those of you who need something to keep those fidgeting hands and eyes busy while in the bathtub, car rides and other outings, this small light weight toy can be taken anywhere you may need it. It captivates their attention while helping your child to developed fine motor skills. The visual and tactile stimulation keeps them busy and happy for hours of quiet play. Teachers can use this as a way to keep their students' hands busy so they may fully engage in the lesson. It is also great for color recognition, counting and applying simple physics.

Your child will enjoy manipulating the spinning pieces with their hands or they can turn it over and at an angle while gravity spins it back to the bottom. The Mini Spinny is waterproof and can be used in the bathtub and anywhere you want to go. Your kids will not want to put this toy down because the constant motion keeps them wanting to keep the action going for non-stop fun!

The Mini Spinny is for children 10 months and up as big kids and adults love it too! It is BPA free and completely safe for play. The dimensions are 8.5" x 3.5" and only 1 pound in weight.  

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