Magnetic Build-A-Car

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It's “Creativity on Wheels!” for the home, classroom, or therapeutic setting. Magnetic Build A Car is a toy for children with autism, asperger's, or other challenges that find it difficult to sort and match auto parts and assemble them to form recognizable vehicles. Children use puzzle-solving strategies and enjoy the colorful magnetic pieces that allow them to quickly build autos

Magnetic Build A Car develops critical thinking as the child mixes and matches magnetic pieces to build a coupe, sedan, pickup, crew cab, sport SUV, or full sized SUV. The magnetic locking system allows the pieces to snap together and be taken apart again and again.

OT and ABA Therapists, and educators of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) find that Magnetic Build A Car helps children that have difficulty with identifying and manipulating objects and can be used as tangible token economy reinforcement in a behavior plan where one piece of the car can be given as a reward.

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