Magnatab - a to z Lower Case Letters

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Ideal for instruction at home, in the classroom, or in therapeutic settings, a-z Magnatab Lower Case is a tactile activity for children with autism, asperger's or other challenges that make a pencil grip and letter recognition difficult. Children will enjoy this “hands-on” sensory activity where they write the small letters using a magnetic stylus on a board containing magnetic beads. As they place the stylus on each letter, the magnetic beads pop up to form solid lines. Following the up, down, and sideways directional arrows, children can then trace the letters with their stylus or finger and practice writing them. Raised letters can be easily erased with the tip of a finger. ABA Therapists, OTs and educators of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will find that Magnatab Lower Case engages children in handwriting practice, teaches visual discrimination and letter recognition to children that struggle with hand-eye coordination and have difficulty identifying and remembering each alphabet letter individually and in sequence.

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