Indestructibles: Wiggle! March!

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Wiggle! March! is about animals on the farm! This adorable piece is the perfect gift for any reader, especially those with Autism that love their books to pieces--literally! The Indestructibles books are published on the same paper-like material used in shipping envelopes. They are 100% chew-proof, drool-proof and rip-proof! Not only are they nontoxic, but also completely washable. Indestructibles are energetic, beautiful, and created just for your baby or child with special needs. The printing material reproduces color artwork with uncommon depth, and with no residual inkiness; the artwork, paintings by Kaaren Pixton and reminiscent of Eric Carle, is happy, each page a simple, colorful image of an animal or bird or insect against a rich, textured background. The effect is 3D-like and completely visual. There are no words, making each perfect for parents and children to look at together, with the opportunity to use language skills and imagination to create a unique story of your own!

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