How Do I Teach This Kid to Read by Kimberly Henry

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Reading provides personal enjoyment, access to information, and opens doors to opportunities throughout life, both recreational and occupational. Reading helps us grow and vicariously experience things we are curious about, and dream about. But for many young children with Autism, reading is often a factual memorization of letters and words. The playful, imaginative qualities of reading may be missed in favor of the repetitive, predictable alphabet and visual appearance of words on a page. This book presents simple instructional strategies that can be used to help develop early literacy skills in young children with Autism. Award-winning author, Kimberly Henry, provides dozens of fine-tuned, easily adaptable activities that teachers and parents can implement separately or in infinite combinations. Included are units on phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. Kim also lists numerous other resources you can use to supplement the lessons.

Best of all, this book comes with a FREE CD of printable, visual tools, such as:ABC Books, Text-Picture Matches, Songs, Chants, and Poems, Word Webs, Visual Organizers, Sentence Builders, Graphics for Games, and many more.

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