Creature Commforts Weighted Lap Pad


Weight: 3 lb
Color: Denim & Jade
Sale price$34.99


These weighted lap pads are handmade in Colorado using organic millet (birdseed). The weight for the lap pads is evenly distributed in 5" squares. The removable cover is made of very soft, minke cuddle fabric. One side is blue with dimples, for tactile sensory input, while the other is smooth. The lap pad is washable - the cover is made of 100% polyester and is machine washable and dryable. We recommend handwashing and line-drying the 100% cotton, millet-filed inner liner. It is important to dry thoroughly.

These lap pads are a great addition for occupational therapy and are used for kids with Autism or SPD as a way to provide sensory input and relaxation. The 3 lb pads measure 10" x 15" and the 5 lb pads are 15" x 20".

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