Chewy Tubes - P's and Q's


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P's & Q's are fun new exercisers for practicing biting and chewing skills! Pack them in your treatment tool-chest as a delightful alternative tool for young patients and older patients alike. P's & Q's are made of the same FDA compliant material as all Chewy Tubes - safe, non-toxic durable surface for biting and chewing activities. They are latex-free and do not contain PVC or phthalates. P's and Q's are solid rather than tubular so they offer a firmer surface for biting. Young patients enjoy grasping the P with their newly developing fine motor skills. The bitable stem of the P reaches back into the molar region sending appropriate proprioceptive input into the TMJ as the patient practices biting. Babies enjoy the Q extension for tongue exploration. For larger jaws, the larger Q offers a firm bilateral surface for jaw closure activities.

Like all chewy tubes, the P's & Q's are an effective alternative for children who like to bite on their clothes, fingers or other inappropriate objects while at the same time providing oral motor stimulation and input.

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