Chewable Retractable Bite Buddies


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The chewable bite buddies are completely FDA approved and contains no BP or Phthalates. Included is one shape and one retractable belt clip. Each belt clip can hold up to 4 shapes and can be combined in endless combinations. Adding additional key rings provides room for additional pendants. If your child seeks sensory input through grinding or chewing on items that could be hazardous to their well being, this product is for them, which can usually be the case for individuals with Autism. The all new Bite Buddies are fun to collect, and offer a not so obvious chew device that your child won't be embarrassed of, but will be proud to carry. Individuals with Autism who tend to chew on their clothes or hands find relief with the chewy tubes that provide an alternative surface for chewing and enhances oral motor skills while providing sensory input. The bite buddies come in assorted shapes.

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