Caterpillar Puffer


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The squishably cute and soft 6” 4 Ball Caterpillar Puffer is great for any sensory seeking individual. It can help people with Autism, ADHD, SPD and Anxiety.  It will help stimulate the fidgeting hands and relax the body so you may remain focused on the task at hand. Some kids have a hard time sitting still in class and then they cannot hear the important information and lecture, by giving the sensory seeking body a squishy, soft caterpillar, you may notice their bodies begin to find peace and settle enough to finish the lesson. The caterpillar’s soft little legs and 4 squish balls with soft little spikes also provide a pleasing sensory input for those that are always seeking sensory stimulation. You will love this little creature. Not to mention his adorable appearance is playful and fun to look at. You have to feel this little friendly caterpillar and see for yourself!

The 6” 4 ball caterpillars’ dimensions are 6x2x2” and it weighs 2.5 ounces.


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