Blue ChewEase Clip On Chewy

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ChewEase is a terrific and convenient solution that can be taken anywhere. ChewEase features three safe, non-toxic, plastic objects that are linked together. The ChewEase is from the award-winning Abilitations line of special needs resources, is designed by experts, and is ideal for home or classroom use.

The ChewEase, like many other chewable products, helps address sensory issues, oral fixations, mouth or motor skills developmen. They are idela for children with Autism and other sensory needs who crave the oral stimulation provided by chewies. The ChewEase features a chewable clear tube that can also fit on a pencil for chidlren who like to chew on their writing utencils. There is also a blue phone cord-like plastic piece that is safe for chewing. A black clip on allows for attachment to belt loops or clothing. 

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