ARK's Chew Tags Chewlery


Product: Light Grey Standard
Sale price$19.99


ARK’s Chew Tags are a safe and super discreet solution for both kids and adults who need to chew. These chewable dog tag necklaces are the same shape as ARK's Super Star, only thinner (.3" thick) and smooth on both sides.  These chewable dog tag necklaces are a good fit for those who prefer chewing with their pre-molars and/or front teeth. Use these Chew Tags as a safe alternative to chewing on pencils, shirts, fingers, etc. and to help calm, focus, and self-regulate. The pendant comes in three different toughness levels: Standard (for mild chewers), XL/Medium Firm (for moderate chewers), and XXL/Very Firm, (for avid/aggressive chewers).

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