400 Plus Communication Picture Symbols


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This set of picture symbol cards for communication have fun and colorful illustrations. These cards are designed to cover most of the popular topics for basic communication. The topics include: foods, greetings, people, calendar words, transportation, action words, art and school supplies, furniture, toys, body parts, clothes, common wants & needs, and many many more! This set is perfect for speech therapists and parents of children with special needs, in particular autism. Many kids need visual schedules and these picture symbols are a great addition with a lot of variety. They are great for communication for children who are non-verbal or are still learning to express themselves. More than 400 commonly needed communication 1 3/4” X 2” picture cards are laminated and cut and ready to be used. Because they are laminated you may choose to stick a dot of Velcro (also available separately for purchase) on the back of these handy cards and use them for many different purposes.

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