Imagine a store where you belong. . .

Autism Community Store
14095 E. Exposition Ave.
Aurora, CO 80012

Store Hours:
Mon-Sat 10-5




MAC isn't your typical support group – we're your squad! We meet in person at the Autism Community Store (just a hop, skip, and a jump from the Aurora Metro Center Bus/Train Station) and virtually on Zoom for those who prefer pajamas over pants.

Thanks to our buddies at Rocky Mountain Human Services, we keep the lights on, both literally and metaphorically.

Our meetings? They're like a cozy blanket with a twist. We kick things off with intros, share the juiciest resources, and dive deep into topics that tickle our collective fancy. Then, in the second half, we unleash our inner goofballs. We play games, share a laugh, and sometimes even welcome cool guest speakers. And yes, you heard it right – free snacks and sips are up for grabs at our in-person shindigs!

But here's the fun part – YOU can take the stage too! Got a knack for leading a meeting or a passion project you're itching to share? Shoot us an email at or complete this form , and we'll have a chat. Plus, our superhero volunteer facilitators pocket some sweet cash. There's just a bit of paperwork – but we promise it's more painless than a bee sting.


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