Shape Sorting Clock


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Kids love the color-coded minute and hour hands that spin around with a simple push. No matter where they point, it's always time for learning and fun! Children can match the colors, sort the shapes, and solve the puzzle as they manipulate the color blocks and turn the hands, building cognitive and motor skills and laying the groundwork for learning to tell time. Extension activities printed right on the box encourage parent-and-child play, helping children begin to master early-learning concepts as they gain familiarity with the form of a clock and concepts of time.

Extension Activities: More Ways to Play and Learn:

  • Remove the pieces from the clock. Ask the child to line them up in numerical order. Then ask the child to line them up based on the number of sides.
  • Ask the child to match shapes of the same color. With the child compare the members of each pair, describing what is similar and what is different. 
  • Use the hands of the clock to point to a number and ask the child, "What time is it?" Have the child place the shape that fits, saying the number aloud.

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