Speks Luxe Set of 512 (2.5mm) Magnetic Balls


Color: Amethyst
Sale price$34.95


Speks are amazing, exciting, calming and challenging tiny magnet balls. These 512 extremely addictive 2.5 mm rare earth magnet balls will keep your fidgety fingers busy for hours. Maybe you need something to keep your hands and fingers busy while your brain is working in the office, at your desk, during long meetings, you name it. These fun magnets can also put your mind to work, trying to use the manual to help guide you into all of the wonderfully playful designs is mentally and physically stimulating. You can also come up with hundreds of your own designs. When your brain just needs a break, these amazing magnets can also function as a sensory stimulating tool that will help calm your busy brain when you are just needing some quiet time alone. Put the manual away and just lets your hands and finger tips role around these satisfying tiny magnets and feel the peace surround you. These are great for adult and teenage fidgets. If you have Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, Anxiety, Difficulty Sleeping, just take some time to grab your magnets and let the fun and satisfaction captivate your senses. You can take them anywhere anytime. They are quiet and so small just keeping them in your hands and playing does not have to cause any distraction to the outside world.


WARNING: Keep Away From All Children!

Do not put near or in nose or mouth. Swallowed magnets can pinch and stick together across intestines causing serious injury or death. Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or ingested.

Each pack of Speks is made up of 2.5mm small magnetic balls and fully adheres to safety standards. Share the fun with your dad, your best friend, your boss (or anyone 14+) — or keep ‘em for yourself, we won’t tell.

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