Creature Commforts 8 lb Weighted Blanket - EZ-Clean


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These 35" x 50" weighted blankets are handmade in Colorado using organic millet (birdseed). The weight for the weighted blankets is evenly distributed in 5" squares, much the way a down comforter is made.  The removable cover is made of very soft, specially designed for the linking of children with autism--minke cuddle fabric. One side has dimples, for tactile sensory input, while the other is smooth. The blanket is washable - the cover is made of 100% polyester and is machine washable and dry-able.  The 100% cotton, millet-filed inner liner can also be machine washed and dried.  It is important to dry thoroughly. For the 10 pound blanket, many people choose to take the blanket to a commercial laundromat for cleaning due to the weight.

Weighted blankets should never be used as a restraint - it is important that the user can always remove a weighted blanket on their own if desired.

Many Occupational Therapists recommend a weighted blanket to be 10% of body weight plus one pound - this is a starting point, other variables should be considered when determining the right weight for each individual.

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