Pressure Vest


Size: X-Small - Red
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The Pressure Vests are designed to provide calming input for individuals with Autism, ADD, ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. The vest is designed to be pulled tightly around the body and therefore providing proprioceptive, deep pressure and sensory input. The pressure is evenly distributed over the trunk of the body, providing the input where it is most needed. The idea of deep pressure provided by a sensory vest is based on the idea that the vest provides calming and relaxation allowing the sensory stimulations to be processed. It has been found that individuals who are hyperactive and easily distracted benefit from the "hug" provided by a pressure vest.

These vests are made of Airpene, which is a new material with perforations throughout the rubberized layer of fabric allowing them to be more breathable and therefore prevent overheating. The vest is also adjustable due to the full velcro on both shoulders and across the back allowing for a proper fit that is most comfortable for the user.

Measurements are for chest circumference x length from shoulder to bottom of vest

  • X-Small (Red)        21" - 24"W x 14"L
  • Small (Blue)          25" - 30"W x 17"L
  • Medium (Green)    31" - 36"W x 20"L
  • Large (Black)         37" - 42"W x 24"L
  • X-Large (grey)       43" - 48"W x 26"L

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