Brady Rymer - Love Me For Who I Am CD

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Songs Celebrating Children of All Abilities. These songs were inspired by the students at Celebrate the Children School, a New Jersey school for children with alternative learning styles. Many of the students are affected by autism and Asperger's Syndrome.

Grammy nominee Rymer says: "The songs can be heard as anthems for differently-abled children and their families; at the same time, I think every child will find something to relate to in this collection. I hope these songs will invite deeper understanding and appreciation of children with Autism and other disorders by shedding light on just how much we all have in common."

The CD art is by Zoe Kakolyris, an artist with Asperger's Syndrome who is also profoundly deaf. The vibrant world she portrays, full of children interacting with joy and humor, perfectly reflects the spirit of this collection of songs. A students at the school who inspired a song, 'So Many Ideas', said - "That song tells exactly how I feel. The ideas that are trapped in my head are so huge I can't even type them to you. The thing I think you need to teach the world the most is that we think very intelligently but we are bound by our bodies. This makes the world think we are not thinking people. Thank you for writing that song. Tell the parents that their kids are understanding everything that is going on even if it seems like they are not paying attention. Never give up fighting for them. They can get out of their very trapped state and be heard - that is how I did it."

Lori Jeanne Peloquin from Rochester, NY also praises the CD - "This CD is a must have for everyone who has children, especially children on the Autism spectrum,and lots of adults, too! The messages are near and dear to the hearts of children with autism spectrum disorders, but help other kids understand them better. They may find themselves in a song too. Songs like "pick eater" "who wants to wear clothes (not me)" and "(Please don't try to fix me) Love me for who I am" are (as are most) very clever. The words are easy to understand, the music is catchy and performed with lots of energy and enthusiasm. I wish everyone would buy one! The world would be a much better place!"

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