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Sight words are the most frequently used words in children's literature, and this DVD helps students read them automatically. As a supplement to phonics-based strategies, Rock 'N Learn Sight Words boosts reading and spelling skills. Children learn over 60 sight words through engaging characters, entertaining songs, and fun practice and words are presented in context to help build reading comprehension. Includes all pre-primer Dolch words, the top 20 from Fry's, and more. A bonus section allows learners to practice the words in isolation, focusing on word shapes as well as spelling each word.

Pre-k & up. Approx. 50 minutes

After receiving many requests for a sight words DVD, Rock 'N Learn created a highly entertaining DVD to help learn beginning sight words. Featuring exciting animation, Rock 'N Learn Sight Words holds the attention of young learners through humorous dialogue, catchy songs, and solid instruction. To develop Sight Words, we worked with reading specialists—actual classroom teachers with combined teaching of over 50 years. These teachers are well trained and highly experienced to know what actually works when helping kids learn to read.

Often we hear the recommendation from educators that sight words need to be taught not only in isolation but also within a meaningful context to develop understanding and reading comprehension. This becomes even more important for children who are learning a new language or are experiencing frustration. With this program for example, when children learn "up" and "down," these words are taught in the context of seeing objects or characters moving up and down.

Another example of contextual learning from Sight Words DVD occurs in the section "Look, See, Find." Children practice a simple but fun dance that helps them associate actions with these words. In our focus groups, children loved performing these movements and singing right along with the Sight Words DVD. To get the most from this program, we recommend that your child watch the DVD again and again. A fun, entertaining video like Rock 'N Learn Sight Words will likely become one of your child's favorites. Kids love joining in with the engaging characters and singing these songs, reading the words, and participating. Soon, your child will be reading more than 60 beginning sight words quickly and automatically.

With our Sight Words DVD, children also get practice reading words in simple sentences and stories. This helps learners make a solid connection between the sight words and their meaning. Rock 'N Learn Sight Words DVD is designed to be effective at home or in the classroom, with individuals or groups. A supporting website offers free, supplemental activities.

On the DVD, one bonus section helps students focus on the shape of each word and practice spelling it. Another bonus section provides kids with insight into the pronunciation of "t-h-e," something that even a lot of the adults on our development team found fascinating.

We're confident you will not find a better DVD to help your child or class learn sight words. It's perfect for learners of all ages, both young beginners and older kids with remedial or special needs. This DVD is a fun and interactive way for children with autism to learn.

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