Two Plus Two Is Not Five; Easy Methods to Learn Addition and Subtraction by Susan Greenwald


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Use this unique and easy-to-use addition and subtraction workbook in home-schools or traditional schools. This 254 page book will help your children learn and become fluent with addition and subtraction facts.
The many
tricks and strategies in this workbook, along with the practice pages, help students master the math facts. Extra practice pages are included for review. Pages are perforated for easy tear-out and for making copies.

Children need to memorize math facts otherwise they will struggle with more advanced math.This workbook was designed to teach beginning learners; students who are still learning the math facts; and children who need extra help or extra practice and review.

This book has everything including you will need: How to Use the Book,
232 pages of practice problems, Record-keeping pages, Answer pages, and a Certificate of Mastery.

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