Water Beads - 1/2 lb


Color: Aqua
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Water beads are one amazing versatile product that has many uses! These tiny water beads expand when they are put in water, and this 1/2 lb bag makes about 4 gallons when expanded! They are a great addition to a sensory table and can be made even more versatile. Some ideas include adding an underwater light to the sensory table making the experience that much more multi-sensory for the child with autism and other sensory needs. The water beads can be mixed with shaving cream to add that much more tactile input, or can be used with paint allowing for creative exploration. The water beads can even be used for science experiments - helping kids understand how the beads grow when added to water. They also shrink back without water.

These water beads come in different colors. Many think the clear water beads are not as visually stimulating, but they have several uses. Because they are clear, they are almost invisible in water - it is hard to tell that the beads are even in there! This makes it a great tool for use for games - put other things in between the clear beads and have kids fish them out. This helps work on fine motor skills and can be very stimulating for the child with autism. The beads are non-toxic but should certainly be used with adult supervision.

WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Should be used with adult supervision.

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