Water Bead Kit


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Use sensory water beads for educational and fun activities with almost endless possibilities. They can be used in water and light tables, sterilite containers or sensory bottles.
Children benefit from sensory water beads by developing motor skills, learning science, experiencing colors and expressing creativity. Use clear beads and watch them disappear in water, then let children go fishing for them. Have them sorted by color and/or size. How many can your children count? Practice fine motor skills by 'feeding' them to a shark or scooping them with Handy Scoopers. And don't forget how much fun it is to grow them!
Teachers will appreciate how our colors will not bleed or fade, unlike some of the beads available in retail stores. They are also non-toxic, but adult supervision is required with small children due to choking hazards. Hands should be washed prior to handling the beads.
Kids will love the cool, squishy sensation of water beads. Teachers will love all the new ways that sensory skills can be taught.

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