Toilet Training Success by Frank Cicero


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Toilet Training Success Toilet Training Success is a helpful guide for effective toilet training interventions for individuals of different ages, and with a wide range of development disabilities.

This practical handbook tackles one of the most important daily living skills: toilet training. Comprehensively written, this book guides parents and professionals from the beginning of the toilet training process to the end -- from knowing necessary pre-requisite skills, to doing a complete skills assessment, followed by detailed descriptions of the steps necessary for basic toilet training and bowel training processes. Dr. Cicero then tackles the issues of independent request training, the problem of and treatment for regression, as well as overnight toilet training.

Each section is divided into clear and understandable parts, and feature call-out boxes that list important points discussed in that section for easy reference. Users of this guide have the flexibility to tailor toilet training interventions to their students needs, using all or some sections of the book. Toilet Training Success also features an extensive FAQ section covering a range of common questions and concerns, as well as a helpful appendix with sample training charts, data collection table, and example training programs.

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