Romano Swing Frame


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The Romano Swing Stand has a 5ft x 5ft diameter, stands 7 ft, 5 in. in height, and has a circular smart design that makes it a perfect size and shape for a sensory room and relaxing sensory space. The Romano Swing Frame is coated in steal and can bear 353 pounds of weight! It supports single point therapy and relaxation hammocks and is sturdy enough to hold multiple people at a time. The large circular frame makes it possible for an extensive range of movement for a very active and excited swinger!

Swinging provides vestibular sensory input that people with Autism and Sensory Processing disorders crave. It is a powerful tool that many occupational therapists recommend for the sensory seeking body. Individuals living with sensory processing disorders and difficulties may have trouble understanding where their body is. They may want to crash their bodies into things, accidently bump into things, have trouble concentrating on tasks and daily life, experience motion sickness or clumsiness and even feeding trouble. Swinging is beneficial for people of all ages. The swinging motion is calming for almost anyone, and who doesn’t want to take some quiet time and relax in a hammock?

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