Fidget Bead Necklace


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These necklaces make a beautiful, fun, wearable fidget. It is a discreet fidget toy that can be worn in the office, in the classroom and out on the town. Keep those fidgeting or nervous hands busy with this wonderful necklace with a pretty bead that feels satisfying between your busy fingers. The small bead can be spun around within the metal circle with ease.

This necklace is made for a smaller neck. unclasped it measures between 13.7 to 16.7” in the adjustable length. The necklace has a .3X.3" bead inside a .6" circle.

Fidgets are an amazing tool that help children and adults with self-regulation of their busy bodies. If you have a hard time sitting for too long and always find you are doodling in the meetings, or the teacher says your kid wont sit still and listen in class, then fidget toys and tools can help regulate that busy system by giving your fingers and body a way to release that energy so you may better focus the attention you need on the task at hand.

Great for individuals with Autism, ADHD, SPD and more.

Each necklace is sold separately.

Each sold in assorted colors, if you have a preference please contact the store. 


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