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Oral motor chewing device for special needs children that diverts chewing from clothing, hands and unsafe objects. Whether you are encouraging chew for self-regulation of for strengthening jaw muscles, Chewnoodle is a terrific, convenient solution. The chewy stick component is made up of a non toxic silicone tube, 8" long x 1/2" diameter. It is attached to a light-weight aluminum carabiner. The carabiner can be clipped on to the shirt for easy access, the pant belt loop, or the strap of a bag to reduce risk of being lost. The red and blue Chewnoodle are bumpy while the white is smooth.

The Chewnoodle's silicone tube is made from non toxic FDA approved materials. It contains no sulfur or other acid-producing chemicals, thereby eliminating the possibility of staining, corroding, or deteriorating materials it contacts. It is very resilient and stretchable, therefore making the material a perfect tool for chewing needs. It is easy to care for by hand-washing with warm soap & water or an occasional wash in the top rack of the dishwasher is fine too. Note: To discourage chewing on the metal components, attach the carabiner high on user's clothing. The Chewnoodle is ideal for children with Sensory Processing Needs and Autism Spectrum Disorders. Individuals with Autism tend to chew on their clothing or fingers and this is a safe alternative.

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