Magic Microphone


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A fun communication toy for the home, classroom, or therapeutic setting, Magic Microphone is a powerful aid in developing social and communication skills in children with autism, aspergers, and speech/language disorders that may have difficulty in projecting their own voice and find voice recognition challenging.

The echo microphone magnifies the sound of a voice and brings enjoyment to children as they speak or sing into it and listen to the sound of their voice coming back to them.

Speech Language Therapists (SLPs), communication specialists, and educators of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) will find that Magic Microphone helps children increase verbal output and verbal interaction during the activity and teaches voice control to children that have difficulty controlling vocalization. Magic Microphone can be a turn-taking activity and helps develop social and communication skills as children mimic sounds and say words, then listen to their magnified voice boom back to them.

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